Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Mulch Queen Cometh!

  Hello friends and reader(s)!  I've been keeping my head down these last couple of days taking care of business. My current project has been outdoor spring cleanup.  The weather is perfect right now, so I've been taking advantage of it.  Spending the last couple of days re-mulching the landscaping in front of my house.  Hauling bags all over the place, spreading the stuff out, pulling weeds, spraying weed killer, pulling up old dead plantings.  I am sore, I can tell you that much.  So I'm rewarding myself with some night-time internet fun time, while I wait for the anti-inflammatory to kick in so I can go to bed.
  My eating has been a little off the reservation this week, but not too bad.  I'm certainly racking up activity points that will help counterbalance.  Tomorrow should be the last of the mulch party, part 1.  There's more to do on the side of the house and in the back yard, but I may let Dave handle those over the weekend.  Although I really love the sense of accomplishment when I look out there and see the evidence of all my hard work.  And since we had the landscape plants fixed up last fall, it's really looking spiffy with the fresh mulch bed!
  I always prefer my activity in the form of activity, rather than exercise.  I do realize the benefits of structured exercise - particularly weight training.  But my money's always on just being active in some way.  Bike riding, tossing a frisbee or baseball, hiking, yard work - those are my activities of choice!
  So I'm feeling pretty positive about having stayed disciplined and doing the work I need to do, and saving most of my online time for later.  Starting to feel like things are coming back under my control - spring cleaning is good for that.  Making plans and following them has been very good for my state of mind... clutter and chaos beware!  The Queen of Mulch is coming for you!

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