Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little Tiny Goals

  Been needing to recharge my commitment lately... I've been seriously half-assing this thing for some time, and it's got to change.  I know I say things like that sometimes, and I've said it before.  And I'll probably say it again.  None of us are perfect, and I think that everyone struggles with their focus and motivation.  When something is a life-long process, like weight loss and maintenance is, there's bound to be some fallbacks.

  So I've decided to go back to basics this week, treating it as though it's my first week on plan.  I've got some good food options in the house, including lots of fresh fruit and veggies.  I have a healthy dinner already planned and ready to go for tomorrow.  And while I'd like to get back to setting some more aggressive goals, I figured this week it would be good to start with some baby steps...things that are important for success, but not very difficult to achieve with a little work.  Here goes:
     1.  Tracking EVERYTHING this week.  My tracking has fallen seriously by the wayside, so I have a nice new notebook and a pen I really like all set out and ready to go.
     2.  WATER WATER WATER.  I drink water pretty exclusively, so choosing it is a no-brainer.  But making sure I'm getting enough is important.  I have a WW insulated cup that holds 32 oz at a time.  I must drink at least 2 of those cups full per day.
     3.  At least 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day.  Going back through my materials so that I can accurately track portion sizes.
     4.  Activity - this goal is all about starting small.  It's activity 4 times this week, for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  Hoping that most of it will be bike-related, since it's good cardio, and easier on my hurting feet.  Tendinitis in on foot and a heel spur in the other have led to some challenges, so I think that biking is my best solution this week.  I do have a couple of other options in my head though, in case that doesn't pan out.
     5.  Motivationally, I will write a list of all the things that I want to achieve on this journey... the laundry list of all the benefits and reasons I started in the first place.  It will be good to get it all down, to be able to use it to keep focused.

  That's the plan for this week.... I'll post again next week to let you all know how I've done!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Power of Fresh Groceries

   Last week I didn't do any grocery shopping - we just lived on what we had in the house plus we ate dinner out most nights.  This was mostly due to the punishing amount of yard work I had to do, and the resulting pain and stiffness.  Well, the yard looks great, and I was able to accomplish more than I had originally thought, so that was a win.  But I knew that I needed to shop ASAP.

  So I spent some time over the weekend planning meals, organizing coupons and making lists.  And today my husband was nice enough to accompany me to both BJs and Shoprite on his day off.  There was a LOT of shopping to be done at both stores, and it took quite a bit of time to get it all done.

   But I love the possibilities of a freshly stocked kitchen.  Knowing that I have tons of fresh fruit and veggies, smart dairy choices, healthy meal ingredients, and even some WW-smart treats leaves me with renewed enthusiasm. I know that although I have a very busy week planned (lots of last minute cleaning and organizing in anticipation of some guests staying with us), I know that I can just pop open the fridge, cabinets or pantry and have lots of healthy options, and a wide variety of choices at my fingertips.

  I really think that sometimes when I'm struggling, the best thing I can do is stock up on great groceries... it's like an instant mood lift!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Mulch Queen Cometh!

  Hello friends and reader(s)!  I've been keeping my head down these last couple of days taking care of business. My current project has been outdoor spring cleanup.  The weather is perfect right now, so I've been taking advantage of it.  Spending the last couple of days re-mulching the landscaping in front of my house.  Hauling bags all over the place, spreading the stuff out, pulling weeds, spraying weed killer, pulling up old dead plantings.  I am sore, I can tell you that much.  So I'm rewarding myself with some night-time internet fun time, while I wait for the anti-inflammatory to kick in so I can go to bed.
  My eating has been a little off the reservation this week, but not too bad.  I'm certainly racking up activity points that will help counterbalance.  Tomorrow should be the last of the mulch party, part 1.  There's more to do on the side of the house and in the back yard, but I may let Dave handle those over the weekend.  Although I really love the sense of accomplishment when I look out there and see the evidence of all my hard work.  And since we had the landscape plants fixed up last fall, it's really looking spiffy with the fresh mulch bed!
  I always prefer my activity in the form of activity, rather than exercise.  I do realize the benefits of structured exercise - particularly weight training.  But my money's always on just being active in some way.  Bike riding, tossing a frisbee or baseball, hiking, yard work - those are my activities of choice!
  So I'm feeling pretty positive about having stayed disciplined and doing the work I need to do, and saving most of my online time for later.  Starting to feel like things are coming back under my control - spring cleaning is good for that.  Making plans and following them has been very good for my state of mind... clutter and chaos beware!  The Queen of Mulch is coming for you!