Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Derek Jeter has to do with Weight Loss

   As a fan of the New York Yankees, I was happy today watching our Captain join a very elite club in baseball by getting his 3000th career hit.  During the game commentary, one of the announcers talked about how Derek grew up dreaming of being shortstop for the Yankees, and how great it was that his dream came true.  But that got me thinking.
   Derek Jeter dreamed of being the Yankee shortstop, but dreaming it wasn't enough.  He had to work long and hard to get to that goal (and yes, talent and luck, and the belief of a baseball scout when others weren't so sure).  But all in all, Derek achieved his dream - a very lofty one for a kid playing little league baseball - by putting his head down and doing the work.  Even when it was hard, and even when his dreamed seemed far away.
    And that's when I thought about something we talked about at the end of our WW meeting today.  Our leader asked us what one things we were going to do this week to help turn our dreams to reality.  Then I came home and watched this man make baseball history.  And I realized that it doesn't matter how lofty the dream, or how far away it may seem.  It takes hard work and determination.  It requires us to make choices that may feel like sacrifices, but act in service to achieving our dreams.  It means having strength even when we feel weak, and belief in ourselves and in the process even when it feels unmanageable.
   For Derek Jeter it meant endless hours of batting practice, fielding drills and physical conditioning.  For me it means planning my food choices, getting in activity, meeting the healthy guidelines and tracking.   And by sticking with it, even when it's hard, and it isn't fun, and it seems unreachable, I can see my dream of a more healthy me come true!