Wednesday, March 21, 2012


   The last 10 days or so have been a major step in the right direction.  I've started being more productive during the day, and limiting my Facebook/internet time until later at night (for the most part).  My eating has gotten more controlled, and while not totally where I'd like to be, it's a HUGE improvement.  All in all, I'm feeling pretty positive.  I actually saw the scale go down last week, and that helped me feel like I've moved in the right direction.
   I was able to find a really nice park to check out, and have been there twice since the weekend.  It's got lots of hills, so walking/hiking there is a good workout.  There are benches scattered about, so after doing a bunch of walking, I rewarded myself at one of the ones at the top of a hill to do some birdwatching while I waited for my husband and my nephew, who were there bike riding (they are training for triathlons).  
   The really spectacular weather this week in our area has made me really itchy to get outside, so tomorrow starts the yard work/spring cleanup in earnest.  I expect to be able to gain a lot of activity points, since there's so much to be done.   Picking up sticks (where on earth DO they all come from?), weeding and mulching should keep me hopping.  I can't wait until the cleanup is finished, though - even though we had a mild winter, my yard looks like a disaster area!
   So that's where things are right now.. in progress!

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