Monday, April 9, 2012

The Power of Fresh Groceries

   Last week I didn't do any grocery shopping - we just lived on what we had in the house plus we ate dinner out most nights.  This was mostly due to the punishing amount of yard work I had to do, and the resulting pain and stiffness.  Well, the yard looks great, and I was able to accomplish more than I had originally thought, so that was a win.  But I knew that I needed to shop ASAP.

  So I spent some time over the weekend planning meals, organizing coupons and making lists.  And today my husband was nice enough to accompany me to both BJs and Shoprite on his day off.  There was a LOT of shopping to be done at both stores, and it took quite a bit of time to get it all done.

   But I love the possibilities of a freshly stocked kitchen.  Knowing that I have tons of fresh fruit and veggies, smart dairy choices, healthy meal ingredients, and even some WW-smart treats leaves me with renewed enthusiasm. I know that although I have a very busy week planned (lots of last minute cleaning and organizing in anticipation of some guests staying with us), I know that I can just pop open the fridge, cabinets or pantry and have lots of healthy options, and a wide variety of choices at my fingertips.

  I really think that sometimes when I'm struggling, the best thing I can do is stock up on great groceries... it's like an instant mood lift!

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  1. You are so right! WE have had many of the leftover nights or putting together of dinners from whatever we have that's easy and available, but it usually not very satisfying. Have the right things available is key.

    We made a trip for fresh fruits/produce yesterday and my desire to cook a healthy dinner is once again renewed.