Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking forward to 2012

   It's been very busy week, trying to get a bunch of catch-up things done.  I'm happy to say that my trike is now resting comfortably in the garage, and I was even able to take it out for a spin.  It's so much easier on my knees, and a bit faster than my old bike.  Plus it has a basket in front and a carrier rack in back, so I'll be able to take it on local jaunts to the CVS down the street.  Dave was then kind enough to take my old bike and put it in the basement, on a stand that allows me to use it as a stationary bike.  Now all I have to do is put Netflix on my Wii (which is also in the basement), and I'll be all ready to go!

  I've been trying to focus on my 2012 goal setting, but I'm a little farther behind on that front than I thought I'd be.   The bike/trike flexibility has allowed me to start structuring an activity plan, that I can couple with getting back to the Y on a regular basis.  Adding to that is a return to the daily exercises I learned at physical therapy to continue strengthening my knees and increasing my range of motion and flexibility.   The plan needs a little fine tuning, but the basics are strong, and I can work out the details tomorrow after WI.

  Speaking of WI, Dave and I do so on Saturday, which is the day that we use our weekly allowance (and then some, unfortunately).  We always look at Sunday as our clean start to the week.  I feel like it's really fortuitous that New Year's Day falls on a Sunday this year - it makes it easier to look at this as a whole clean start and renewal to the journey.  To that end, I shopped today for some plan friendly foods to stock the house so we are ready to hit the ground running.  One of my goals is to try at least one new WW recipe per week.  I have tons of recipe resources, so there will be no excuse!

  The next step is that I want to blog more regularly - at least once a week, getting back to my original idea of posting interesting recipes, photos of foods, general info and inspirational ideas.  I've started a binder to bring with me to WW meetings that includes a scrapbook of inspirational thoughts and pictures, a notepad to write down good stuff that I hear at my meeting, and a journal for my activity.  Some of this can translate nicely to the blog format, so I hope you don't mind reading!  No more using not doing well as an excuse to go into hiding.

  The final piece of my plan is taking a note from my former WW leader, and setting myself 6 week mini-goals.  We did that a few times at our meetings, writing it down and putting it in an envelope to be opened 6 weeks later.  Although some people didn't seem to like it, it was a great motivator for me, and I had good success with it.  I usually chose two goals for the 6 weeks - one scale related and one behavior related.  Going back to that  method is something I'm really looking forward to, and I'll be setting my first 6-week goals tomorrow.

  I'm looking forward to 2012.  My success is in my control and I intend to take hold of it.  Thank you all for reading and supporting me this year - I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


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