Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Support Systems

  I've been thinking lately about support on this journey.  Where to find it, how to ask for it, and what to do when it's hard to find.  Like a lot of folks, I have a hard time asking for help.  I also tried to stay "in the weight loss closet" for as long as possible, since I didn't want people's laser focus on me and what I was doing.  Because isn't that the way it is?  People who do nothing about their own weight or health issues suddenly become advice and criticism spouting experts when they can look at someone else.  And I'm not very comfortable in the spotlight, unless I choose to be there.   But I've gotten better at asking, and slowly but surely, support from outside sources has increased.
  I'm lucky to have a great husband, who is also a Weight Watcher, and who is very supportive.  He's also really willing to try new recipes and products to add into our rotation to help keep boredom at bay.  I know how important it is to have a supportive spouse, and having one who's also following the same eating plan is really helpful.  But even if he wasn't, he'd still be willing to alter his own food choices to help me with mine.  It's been a great help in allowing me to keep a "clean" food house.  It keeps temptations to a minimum.  Now if only I could forget where the Sonic is.... but that's another story!

  But I've really been thinking about support because there's been some changes lately at our meetings, and they don't feel as enjoyable as they once were.  But there's a wonderful group of people I've met there, and they've become very important to me in terms of support. Being willing to break out of my shell and talk to people was a hard step, and it's really paid off.   And the changes in the meeting are temporary, or at least that's what I'm told.  So I keep holding out hope that there will be more changes coming soon, and that they'll be positive.

  And I love the social media aspect of things.  Having this blog, being part of the WW message board community, using Facebook to connect with friends and other WW members - it's all been so amazing.  I love living in this time, with all this technology - as dopey as the "interwebs" can be sometimes, it really allows for connection at a level that's unprecedented.  It makes finding support so much easier! 

  So i try to keep in mind that even if support falls short in one place, there are lots of other places to find it.  I just have to be willing to speak up, reach out and go get it!


  1. YES! YES! YES! Love Woobie! :) You inspire me.

    P.S. The meetings CERTAINLY aren't as enjoyable as they used to be, but I'm glad that we've been able to stick it out so far together.