Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staying positive

  Last week I had a couple of days that weren't my best, eating-wise.  But I got back on track pretty early in the week, and amped up my activity, to try and make positive strides.  When I got on the scale, I was up almost a pound.  Which is fine, since I know there were some food choices early in the week that I could have definitely done better with.  And I was a little disappointed, truth be told, because I really felt like the increase in activity would have more than made up the difference.  But I took it for what it was, and moved on into this week.

  My eating choices have been good since my weigh in - right on track Points-wise, and working hard to meet the good health guidelines.  My activity this week is going to be a little lighter than last week's, since I'm paying for last week's increase with some foot and knee issues.  But by lighter, I mean, back to my normal level, as opposed to the extra high level from last week.  And I'm hopeful that this week the scale will reflect my hard work!

  And let's be honest, just between us - sometimes the scale gives a gift.  And I've been the recipient of that gift more than once over the course of my efforts.  So last week's little spank was all just part of the balancing out that happens.  But this week I want some negative numbers - and I'm doing the work to get them!   


  1. i gained two pounds. :( don't know if its cause its my monthly time or not or if i am just looking for excuses. blaahh. I haven't been eating well since i stay at school 14 hours a day. once school is over i will get epic back on track.

  2. And poof, there it went again. Had a great unforgettable post all typed out and hit the wrong key one time...and it was gone. Now I'm too tired to put it back together word for word.

    I had this great analogy about the old tv dad dad had in the family room and how I used to have to stand there and wiggle the antenna this way or that way to get the picture to come back in, sometimes had to sit there and hold the antenna in my hand and not let going in order to watch a show without losing focus. Anyway, you get the point, right?

    The idea was that you're doing a great job, and, you know, we all get derailed, and sometimes we have to make adjustments here and there. The idea is to get back on the right track and headed back in the right direction, and we are sure to get to our destination.

    You, my dear, will definitely get to your destination!

  3. Remember it's not about the up a pound or two any given week; but the long term trend as we say in Accounts Receivable!