Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brain Freeze

   So I've been sitting here staring at the screen off and on for a few days, really wanting to write something, but not being able to figure out what I wanted to say.  There were lots of little things running through my mind, but nothing that seemed substantial enough to build an entire post about.  My thoughts seem very scattered and un-focused these past few days.  Luckily, my inability to concentrate on a coherent blog topic hasn't been coupled with an inability to concentrate on other things.  My plan-related focus is clear, and my motivation is good.  I've been experiencing an upswing in energy lately, probably brought on by the nicer weather, and by one of those laws of physics:  A body in motion tends to stay in motion.  Once I get myself up and moving and knocking chores of the ever-present To Do list, it feels like it has a snowball effect, and I keep on going.

   I've also decided to try and open myself up to a few new experiences.  The other day I decided to sign up for  Tai Chi class at the Y - I'm not normally much of a joiner, but I figured, why not?  I looked up and decided to try some kettlebell exercises to also help mix things up a little.  And last week when I was getting my hair cut, I decided that at my next appointment I would try out the "express facial" service they have that they do while your color processes.  I've always shied away from beauty or spa-like treatments, figuring they were for other people.  Who, exactly, I don't know, but definitely not for me.  But hey - why not?    And yesterday I went to Dick's to purchase some ankle weights (to help with my at-home PT exercises) and wandered over to the outdoor section and took a look at kayaks.  I've always wanted to try kayaking, but figured I was too heavy, and my mobility too limited to allow me to get in and out of the thing.  But looking at them yesterday I realized that I'm moving toward this idea of allowing myself to consider it as an activity, instead of just always assuming I can't.

   I like this idea of saying "yes", and allowing myself to consider new possibilities and experiences.  It sure beats the way I was living before, when new things seemed out of reach and scary.  I've always liked having options.  And being able to move away from the feeling of being eternally limited in my life has been energizing. 

   Spending time these last few days really thinking about these kinds of things is probably why I haven't been able to focus much on a single topic up until now.  Then I realized that this was my topic, and finally got out of my  own way!  Now it's time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!


  1. My dear, the possibilities are endless! Tai Chi? They have Tai Chi at the Y? Is this new? Definitely interested in that. Please, more info if you have it.

    Kayaking sounds great! I'm been more of a canoe person, although Bob had mentioned Kayaking in the past.

    You are truly changing into "A Whole New You"! Good for you!