Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prepping for Vegas

Hubby and I leave for Vegas on the 1st... very excited to do so.  To help make it easier to make good choices we booked a hotel room  that's not in a casino, and is a little off the Strip.  Even better, we were able to book a suite that comes with a full kitchen.  It's also just a few miles from Red Rocks park, where we plan to spend some quality time hiking.  
  While Vegas will present a challenge food-wise, having a kitchen will help us control a few things.  Once we get out of the airport, we'll head to a grocery store to stock up on some fruits and veggies, some good breakfast choices, and some healthy snack options.  I don't pretend that there aren't going to be LOTS of temptations, nor do I pretend that I'm going to be cooking all the time.  But if I can surround myself with easy to grab healthful choices, then it's definitely worth the effort.
  I'm looking forward to the trip, and we're spending the next few days researching some more active, less casino type things to do while we're out there so we can make the best use of our time.  I like having a plan for the trip. It makes it so much less stressful!

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