Monday, September 12, 2011

Small steps

  So things have been a little better here the last couple of days.  I exercised and have been making very good food choices, and kept my beverages to either water or plain seltzer with a little lemon.  Made sure to get in a little dairy and some fruit, and have stayed at or just under my daily target.  I think that I can attribute this to finally alleviating some stressors, and applying some of those "small steps" that I've written about before.
    Taking care of a couple of projects on the perpetual "To-Do"list was a big help.  Getting a bit more sleep is definitely helping as well.  I'm feeling a little more in control than I have been for the past few months, and it's been reflected in my choices.
    Now it's only been a couple of really good days, so I'm not all cocky and crazy.  But I look at them as building blocks - every good choice I'm making helps rebuild my foundation and will provide stability and strength.  And it's been really amazing how these couple of days of good choices have helped me feel stronger and more positive.  I was afraid that I was slipping back down the slope, and although in the past I let myself keep right on sliding, I never felt that desire this time.  I have some ground to make up, that's for sure.  But I feel like I've finally gotten a solid foothold, and can start the long climb back to where I was and then even further.
    I just have to keep taking small steps!

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  1. You got it, girl. Put one foot in front of the other (can you hear the tune?)....