Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making adjustments

   I've come to the realization that I have to make some adjustments to my activity.  I've been primarily using walking (either outside or on the treadmill) as my cardio.  But every time I've tried to step it up to boost my weight loss efforts, it's resulted in some injury.  First it was an arthritis flare up that took 8 weeks of physical therapy to fix.  Most recently it's caused a particularly vicious episode of tendonitis in my left foot, which has made it hard to get sleep and to just do simple things like grocery shop. It's also made going to Tai Chi and Line Dancing a very bad idea over this last week or so.  I saw a doctor, and have some medication for it, so hopefully I'll be right as rain very soon.
   I went through a few days of moping about this latest setback, worrying about my upcoming trip - there will be LOTS of walking, not to mention those famous San Francisco hills.  But then my sister reminded me that there's a pool at the hotel, and that got my brain thinking!  I just need to change my cardio routine up to focus on non-impact, non-weight bearing activities.  Like swimming, and water aerobics, and bike riding. 

   So I went last week and got my bike all tuned up, and I've signed up for some water aerobics at the Y for the upcoming summer session.  I can also use the stationery/recumbent bike, and once the foot is healed, maybe add is some elliptical.  I believe that changing over to these activities will help me get in more cardio activity, build up strength and range of motion in my knees, and free me up to kick start my summer without fear of further injury.  And that's my plan!

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